If you are learning how to start your online business or entrepreneurial project, buying a domain is the first step in protecting your idea and creating a digital presence.

There are many things to consider when buying a domain name, as the domain registrars (the company you “get” a domain from) sometimes have hidden fees or servers which perform poorly.

Before you purchase a domain, make sure that there are no hidden fees and that the hosting services you buy will be sufficient for the use case of the website that you plan to create.  Many hosting providers will try to upsell you on server performance, so it’s important to remain a bit weary of buying services you’re not sure you need.  WordPress websites use PHP code which is taxing on the server if it is not configured for heavy amounts of PHP.  You can read more about how to choose the right hosting plan in our other post.

You can have your site hosted by whoever, regardless of where you registered the domain.  But it’s important to check about the Transfer Fee Charge.  There are only some situations where a transfer of domain registration is absolutely necessary.  You can instead use other hosting providers by changing your nameserver to the new hosting providers nameserver (a bit like auto-forwarding emails, but not really).

Protect your privacy

Be sure to consider the domain prices with the added Privacy Protection.  You may be thinking, “Oh c’mon, who is going to actually see this info”. Well, the answer is: all of the internet.  

I once opted out of the domain privacy setting back in ‘13, and my phone hasn’t stopped ringing with telemarketer scams since. No, seriously, I had to change my number.

Anyhowz where were we?

Oh right. Now you’ve got a bit of the how to purchase.

Let’s focus on what to purchase. You might be thinking…

“What makes a domain name good? Or what type of domain is best to purchase?” 

The extension .com .tech .org .io (yikes these are expensive!) or perhaps .net?

While it’s true that the domain extensions add a certain connotation to your brand and overall feel of your sight, I urge you to not get to caught up in the extensions and consider these few points:

    • Most smartphone/tablets etc have a built in .com key on the keyboard.  Some will tell you that this is a meaningful difference.  We will not. The ease of single keystroke is not really that useful since a majority of people type into google search bars and find their desired query in the list of results.
    • The most absolutely crucial part of choosing a domain is being to answer yes to the following question:

Is my domain name relatively short and memorable?”

It’s obvious that a long domain name would be difficult to remember.

It’s not common knowledge that many hosting providers allow for very cheap addons of subdomain.  On Inmotion Shared Hosting Plans, Pro accounts receive unlimited subdomains.  This could be incredibly useful if you are looking to have multiple sites.

A subdomain is to www.example.com > www.subdomain.example.com

See how if you choose a short url for your website and then get a good hosting plan, you can go wild with subdomains?  Woow woo!

I hope this info was helpful.  If you are looking to start your digital business presence, check out our recommended hosting partners!